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Kidzateljé want to create an environment where everyone feels involved and important, to dare to make mistakes and to learn from them, to explore and try new things without knowing the outcome, and to dare to be curious and inquisitive.

We provide children a place where everyone is treated with respect

Kidzateljé offer every child the space and time to practice mastering their everyday lives as well as provide a place where everyone is treated with respect regardless of age, gender, appearance, ethnicity or special needs. With home-cooked meals, children are provided with good eating habits and positive social situations.


To be role models for the children through a democratic approach, emotional closeness and respect. Kidzateljé understand the imitation abilities of children and therefore strive to be good role models who show respect to everyone. Kidzateljé children are first allowed the opportunity to resolve any problems that arise. However, if it becomes apparent that the children are unable to reach a compromise then we step in and help resolve the issue.

Children with disabilities are supported with respect to their individual circumstances. Both girls and boys are treated equally based on their interests and needs.

Fairness and Equality

The understanding of compassion, justice, equality and theirs as well as others’ rights must be integrated into the daily operations by means of example in all activities with the children.

Learning through play

Business is characterized by the possibility of learning through play, pictures, literature, vocal music, drama, rhythm and movement.

Kidzateljé want to offer an experience-based learning where we can utilize all the situations that are part of everyday life and to experience as well as discover alongside the children instead of just being an instructor. Kidzateljé want to encourage kids to seek answers themselves before presenting them with a complete solution, thus making the experience more stimulating. Allow to play: pretend, play and imagine a way in the children’s development to process a too large and complicated of a world. The world needs imaginative people, therefore we here at Kidzateljé feel that it is important that children are taught the importance of play.

Collaboration with the home

Develop contact with parents / guardians through information, business visits, parent meetings, spontaneous and planned calls.

Collaboration with pre-school class: School and kindergarten: Experience and knowledge to be exchanged and attention given to those children who need special support before beginning preschool.

Kidzateljé encourage children’s influence

Children are not dumber than adults, they just have less experience – Janusz Korczak

In the spirit of Janusz Korczak, each child will be encouraged to express their opinions and thoughts to influence their daily situations and take responsibility for their actions. By being attentive and responsive to each child’s intentions and desires, Kidzateljé will work in a democratic way. The needs and interests of the children expressed will form the basis for the design of the business and the environment around them. This will be done through discussions and observations with and by children.

Kidzateljé consider the point to value their own opinions is the first step to understanding children and to develop respect for others’ opinions and feelings. Therefore, each child is valued daily. A wide array of toys and educational materials are provided for the children to choose from based on their interests.

We encourage parents/guardians’ influence

– Provide each child as well as their parents/guardians an acclimatization to create security during educational activities. Children and parents should feel secure in the business and be able to experience as well as share information between each other.

– Give verbal information in relation to drop off and pick-up.

– Conduct performance reviews once per semester regarding the child’s social, motor and cognitive development.

– Have a parent meeting once per term.

– Listen and implement any suggestions from parents/caregivers in the planning and conduct of operations.

– Involve the parents in evaluating activities through surveys.

– Daily information / documentation through Tyra förskoleapp to keep parents informed on what will happen as well as what has happened during the day.

– Provide regular updates via email.

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