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Welcome to Kidzateljé!


At Kidzateljé, we choose to view the word ‘impossible’ as two words…’I’m possible‘. 

Kidzateljé is an independent bilingual daycare located in the Sätra residential area, north of Gävle. Kidzateljé daycare began in the fall of 2014.

Kidzateljé follow the child’s development in accordance with the revised national curriculum for pre-school children by offering various activities such as…

  • swimming,
  • dance and rhythm,
  • painting,
  • playing,
  • creating; depending on the child’s interest.

Small groups of children, home environment, and creativity are things every parent wants for their child. If you would like to see a typical day in our home or would like to know more about how your child could go here, please call, 026-4235350, or visit me to set up an appointment. 

To put your child in queue, contact the Gävle Municipality’s placement office and choose “Familjedaghem – Kidzateljé“.