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With proper support and stimulation, we strive towards children’s lifelong learning based on their abilities and interests. By the objectives of the Swedish national curriculum for preschool lpfö 2018 


Kidzateljé encourages children’s inner desire to explore

Children learn through interaction with others and with their surroundings. Since we speak both English and Swedish in my family, your toddlers will have a natural bilingual environment.

We want to draw out inspiration from the imagination and create joy by:

  • Create a learning environment where children are included in the design of their learning.
  • A well thought-out pedagogical environment which is based on fundamental didactic questions, such as; what, why and how.
  • Mindfulness where children feel involved and seen from the child’s perspective.
  • The creation of cultural identity and develop a sense of belonging in the global community by developing a sense of respect for other cultures.
  • Create awareness for sustainable learning and values of humanity.
  • Strive for better education through reflection, evaluation and security.
  • Encourage bilingualism; Swedish/English in the business, thus creating better conditions for the upcoming school year in global citizenship.

Our interim goals

Multiculturalism and equality

Teach children to respect everyone’s differences and similarities and feel self-respect and respect for others by the CRC guidelines. Children from other cultural backgrounds than Swedish will have the opportunity to develop their cultural identity as well as their mother language.

Language development

Helping children to develop their communication skills, symbolic thinking and imagination. Playful, educational activities with children puts a common focus on language.

Emotional Development

Kidzateljé wants to help children understand the different emotions in themselves and others by topic integrated activities.


Kidzateljé wants to help children develop healthy self-esteem, independence as well as a sense of responsibility. They must be able to express emotions through different activities and thereby ensuring and developing the ability to make decisions as well as to take initiative for their learning.


Help children understand their environment, fellow citizens, themselves and respect others in an empathic way.


Kidzateljé wants to extend children the ability to play, learn and create as well as encourage them to discover new things. To use mathematics and simple scientific phenomena in different contexts and encourage them to ask many questions.

Social development

Offer children a constructive way to socialize with other children, learn and keep friends and to appreciate and respect different cultures.


Kidzateljé wants to help kids learn to work together through play, communication and group activities. To help them develop the ability to handle conflicts by communicating with each other to find a solution.


Kidzateljé wants to give children the opportunity to express their views and to influence and shape their learning environment.


Kidzateljé wants to teach children how their actions affect their surroundings. Children should learn to take responsibility for shared materials regardless of in- or outdoor environment.

Gross and fine motor skills

By offering different eye-hand coordination, balance and body perception in the form of sport, play and dance and creative activities, Kidzateljé strives to help children develop these skills.


Teach children a respectful and caring attitude towards nature.