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We strive to support and stimulate our children’s lifelong learning according to their interest and abilities and in keeping with the objectives of the Swedish national preschool curriculum (lpfö 18): https://www.skolverket.se/publikationer?id=4001


Learning Joy and Inspiration

  • Kidzateljé works to create a mindful learning environment where children feel involved, are heard, and help inform the design of activities in which they engage. Our pedagogical environment is informed by fundamental didactic questions of what, why and how; we also:

* Promote awareness and respect for sustainable learning and for a wider humanity;

* Create a positive learning environment in which children can confidently participate in personal reflection and evaluation;

* Encourage bilingualism to help equip children with tools to become global citizens and thrive when transitioning into school!

Language Development and a Bilingual Education

We help children develop communication skills, symbolic thinking, and imagination through playful educational activities with a common focus on language.

While encouraging each child to take pride in their personal cultural identities, we promote a sense of belonging and respect for a wider global community.

As children learn through interaction with others, their care in natural bilingual Swedish and English-speaking household will help them consolidate language bases equipping them to thrive in wider communities.

Multiculturalism and Equality

We teach children to respect differences and feel self-respect, in keeping with CRC guidelines. Children of minority ethnic heritage are presented with opportunities to consolidate their cultural identity, speak their mother language and share cultural learning with others.

Emotional Development – Individuality and Empath

Kidzateljé wants to help children better understand their emotional make-up through topicintegrated activities.

We support children in developing a healthy self-esteem, independence and a sense of responsibility. Our aim is to help them learn to take decisions through equitable negotiation with peers, express emotions through a range of creative activities and take initiative to direct their own learning. We also help children learn to empathetically understand their environment, the needs of fellow citizens and their own.


Kidzateljé encourages children build skills to play, learn, create and discover our world. We encourage them to ask questions while exploring natural phenomena in outdoors and indoors environments to raise awareness of simple science and mathematical concepts.


Social Development

We offer children a constructive way to socialise with peers so the can learn to develop, appreciate and respect friendships with children from a range of socio-economic, cultural backgrounds, physical and mental experiences.



Kidzateljé helps kids learn to work together through play, communication and group activities, actively helping them develop skills to negotiate conflicts through positive communication with an aim of finding solutions benefiting all parties concerned.

Active Participation

Kidzateljé creates opportunities for children to express their views and find a constructive voice to help shape their learning environment.


Learning Personal Responsibility

Kidzateljé strives to make children aware of how their actions affect their surroundings. We encourage children to take responsibility for managing shared equipment for indoors and outdoor activities.


Developing Gross and Fine Motor Skills

Kidzateljé creates opportunities through activities to help children develop eye-hand coordination, balance and body perception through a range of sport, play, dance and creative activities.


Respect for Nature

We support children, as role models, in developing a respectful and caring attitude towards nature.