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Compassion, justice, equality and respect for others’ rights are integrated into our daily routines.
Kidzateljé offers every child space and time to practice mastering their everyday lives – one in which everyone, regardless of age, gender, appearance, ethnicity or special needs, is treated with respect. 
Girls, boys and children with disabilities are supported, according to individual need and circumstances, in pursuing their interests. We want everyone to thrive!
Children are provided with home-cooked meals exploring an  array of cultural traditions which promote good eating habits and skills to positively engage in social situations.

Helping Children’s Voices to be Heard

‘Children are not dumber than adults, they just have less experience …’ Janusz Korczak

 Kidzateljé seeks to inform the nature of our activities and the environment in which we play according to children’s  desires and ideas shared in formal and informal discussions.

Children’s observations are of utmost importance. In the spirit of Janusz Korczak‘s philosophy, each child is valued, encouraged to share and to take responsibility for their actions. 

This process offers a first step towards understanding each child‘s needs while, in turn, helping them learn from us to develop respect for others’ feelings and opinions. 

Respect and Emotional Resilience 

We encourage children to seek answers themselves before presenting them with a complete solution. To make the experience more stimulating, we support their development of play and pretending games as they explore and process  our complex world.

We take a democratic approach towards promoting emotional closeness and respect. Where conflict arises, children are first allowed the opportunity to negotiate andresolve any problems. Only if it becomes apparent that the children are unable to reach a compromise do we step in to help resolve the issue.

Learning through Play

Kidzateljé offerexperience-based learning to help each child discover, grow and learn from everyday life situations.

The world needs imaginative people so our approach is characterised by the possibility of learning through play, pictures, literature, vocal music, drama, rhythm and movement. A wide array of toys and educational materials are provided for children to choose from.

Preparing for Pre-school

Special care is given to ensure every child is supported in preparing for a happy transition to pre-school. While working closely with parents, we also share knowledge and pre-school experiences to help children prepare.

A Partnership with Parents and Caregivers

As children and parents/caregivers should feel secure and able to experience and share information, we are keen to work in partnership and maintain regular contact through news updates, telephone calls, informal information-sharing and parent meetings.

We provide children and parents and caregivers with  inductions when they join followed by an acclimatisation period in which parents are invited to help each child to make a happy transitions into our care.  

We also share information with parents and caregivers when they drop off and pick-up their children;

– Share daily documentation on Tyra förskoleapp to keep parents informed of each day’s activities and future plans;

– Have parent/caregiver meetings once a term to explore and help each child develop their social, motor and cognitive potential;

We listen and implement suggestions from parents and caregivers when planning and delivering services;

– Involve parents and caregivers in evaluating activities through surveys;

– Provide regular updates by email


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