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Opening hours/ visiting hours

Currently Kidzateljé is open between 07.00-17.00 Monday to Friday. These opening hours varies depending on the requested hours by our current parents/guardians.
However we comply with Gävle municipal rules on opening hours between 06:30-18:30 Monday-Friday if need be. Childcare services depends on the actual working/studying hours plus commuting time to and from Kidzateljé.

In between jobs/ unemployed

Job seekers have the 25 hours a week between 09:00-14:00

Birth of a sibling and during your parental leave

Sibling’s birth is both exiting and challenging, keeping in mind children’s rights we at Kidzateljé encourage our parents to leave their toddlers normal working hours for the next 10 working days. After that the older sibling has the right to attend 20 hours a week between 9:00-15:00 based on a mutual agreement between Kidzateljé and parent/guardian.

Closed for vacation, weekend and planning

We close during the month of July and 4 days for planning. That being said the rules are Kidzateljé should make arrangements if needed with other childcare centre. Please let us know before the last week of march advance, so that we can take appropriate measures. J
Apart from The month of July and 4 planning days Kidzateljé is closed for public holidays/ red days.


Kidzatelje follows municipal maximum charges based on your annual household incomes.

Income details must be provided

Income details must be provided to us within the first week of admission. Failing to do so, Kidzateljé withhold the right to charge automatically maximum fee.

Continues absence

Continues absence from the daycare for than 30 days without prior notification is considered as cancellation. You shall be charged for the month even during absence and until the termination date. The fee applies to occupancy month and shall be paid to Kidzateljé no later than the last working day of the month. In such cases failing to pay the fee risk losing the place. We charge even during the introductory period.

General rules during illness


If your child is ill they should stay at home and rest. Your child is welcome once they regain a normal health. Do keep in mind that it would be hard to keep up with the fast paced activities at daycare if your child is ill. Unlike a peaceful home environment. If a child becomes ill during their visiting hours we should be able to reach you. In order for you to come and retrieve them therefore it’s of at most importance that you provide alternative contact person in case we fail to establish contact with you.

Stomach flue/Bug

After a stomach flue/bug, in the family (even if the child is symptoms free it’s of importance that you keep the child at home for 48 hours. And normal healthy conditions are recovered.
During fever, the child must stay home and rest and has been free of symptoms at least for 24hours.

Prescribed medication to be administered

In such cases where a prescribed medication to be administered we prefer that you see to administer it at home or contact the head of establishment.

In such a situation we withhold the right to ask for a written contract from parents/guardians.

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