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Thoughtful activity

Colors, patterns, language, mathematical terms, all in one activity.

Children crop of Kidzateljé

In addition to these beautiful summer flowers we have cultivated potatoes, tomatoes, onions, 3 different types of kale, 3 kinds of Swiss chard, asparagus, basil, mint, tame, dill, parsley, red and yellow beet, horseradish, red and black currants, strawberries, marigolds, zucchini and a lot of grass to run and kick and do somersaults. Sure the kids on the nursery home of Kidzateljé have been

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Project based learning

Mathematics, language, motor skills, social competence, playing, fantasy,and sustainability. Did vi miss something? Believe it or not children had more fun and learned playing with empty packing than the toys which they came with. Just some packing boxes, paint, a dash of fantasy and sim sala bim we built a very own playhouse.