1. Welcome to Kidzateljé!


At Kidzateljé, we choose to view the word ‘impossible’ as two words…’I’m possible‘. 

Kidzateljé is an independent bilingual daycare located in the Sätra residential area, north of Gävle. Kidzateljé daycare began in the fall of 2014.

Kidzateljé follow the child’s development in accordance with the revised national curriculum for pre-school children by offering various activities such as…

  • swimming,
  • dance and rhythm,
  • painting,
  • playing,
  • creating; depending on the child’s interest.

Small groups of children, home environment, and creativity are things every parent wants for their child. If you would like to see a typical day in our home or would like to know more about how your child could go here, please call, +46 26 4235350, or visit me to set up an appointment. You can also contact me via the contact form.

To put your child in queue, contact the Gävle Municipality’s placement office and choose “Familjedaghem – Kidzateljé“.



Project based learning

Mathematics, language, motor skills, social competence, playing, fantasy and sustainability. Did vi miss something?

Believe it or not children had more fun and learned playing with empty packing than the toys which they came with.

Just some packing boxes, paint, a dash of fantasy and sim sala bim we built a very own playhouse.

  • Opening hours

    Opening hours

    Currently Kidzateljé is open between 07.30-17.00 Monday to Friday. These opening hours varies depending on the requested hours by our current parents/guardians.

    However we comply with Gävle municipal rules on opening hours between 06:30-18:30 Monday-Friday if need be. Childcare services depends on the actual working/studying hours plus commuting time to and from Kidzateljé.

    At the page information you can read more about in between jobs, birth of a sibling and during your parental leave and when Kidzateljé is closed.
  • Charge


    Kidzatelje follows municipal maximum charges based on your annual household incomes. Income details must be provided to us within the first week of admission. Failing to do so, Kidzateljé withhold the right to charge automatically maximum fee.

    At the page information you can read more about our charges.
  • Illness/Disease


    If your child is ill they should stay at home and rest. Your child is welcome once they regain a normal health. Do keep in mind that it would be hard to keep up with the fast paced activities at daycare if your child is ill. Unlike a peaceful home environment.

    If a child becomes ill during their visiting hours we should be able to reach you. In order for you to come and retrieve them therefore it’s of at most importance that you provide alternative contact person in case we fail to establish contact with you.

    At the page information you can read more about illnesses and prescribed medication to be administered

Kidzateljé is collaborating with Quarina Wahlman, Ms. Q

Kidzateljé is collaborating with Quarina Wahlman, Ms. Q

Reading, singing and dancing with Ms. Q gives our children joy and they are filled with her energy and commitment to music every time she visits us. We are grateful for her visit.

Kidzateljé support Traffic awareness campaign 2017

Kidzateljé support Traffic awareness campaign 2017

Kidzateljé support Traffic awareness campaign 2017 because we care about traffic safety. Use reflex, make sure you are visible on the road and even in ally's and in the forest.

Kidzateljé uses the kindergarten app Tyra

Kidzateljé uses the kinder gartenapp Tyra.

Kidzateljé uses the kindergarten app Tyra.